Audio & Video Tracks | CHAPTER 15

Kyrgyz Jaw Harps

  • Ref. 15.1
    "Kükük" (Cuckoo)
    Traditional küü, performed by Nurlanbek Nyshanov (wooden jaw harp).
  • Ref. 15.2
    "Ala too jazy" (Spring in the Ala Too mountains) and "Erkin too" (Free mountain)
    Performed by Nurlanbek Nyshanov (metal jaw harp).
  • Ref. 15.3
    "Tagyldyr too" (Mountain where an orphan baby deer lives)
    Composed by Adamkaliy Baybatyrov, performed by Gulbara Baygashkaeva (metal jaw harp).
  • Ref. 15.4
    "Jangylyk" (Novelty)
    Composed by Nurlanbek Nyshanov, performed by Kambar Kalendarov (metal jaw harp in A), Kutmanaaly Sultanbekov (wooden jaw harp in A), and Gulbara Baygashkaeva (metal jaw harp in E).




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