Audio & Video Tracks | CHAPTER 18

Maqom Traditions of the Tajiks and Uzbeks

  • Ref. 18.1
    "Navruzi Sabo"
    Performed by Domla Halim Ibadov, vocal and dutar, Shohnazar Sohibov, tanbur, and unknown doira player.
    Recording made in 1935. Record pressed in Noginsk record factory, Noginsk, Russia.
  • Ref. 18.2
    "Talqincha-i sabo"
    Performed by the Academy of Maqom. From Invisible Face of the Beloved: Classical Music of the Tajiks and Uzbeks, vol. 2 of Music of Central Asia (SFR, 2006), track 15.
  • Ref. 18.3
    "Muqaddima-i segoh"
    Performed by Farhod Davletov (vocal and tar), accompanied by Shuhrat Razzaqov (dutar), Habibulla Kurambaev (doira), and Murod Norkuziev (ghijak). From In the Shrine of the Heart: Popular Classics from Bukhara and Beyond, vol. 7 of Music of Central Asia (SFR, 2010), track 7.
  • Ref. 18.4
    "Nasr-i segoh"
    Arranged and performed by Turgun Alimatov. Tashkent, Uzbekistan.




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