Audio & Video Tracks | CHAPTER 16

The Kazakh Qobyz

  • Ref. 16.1
    "Qongyr," (Deep-brown)
    Attributed to Qorqyt, performed by Jappas Qalambaev. Courtesy of Kündiz Qalambaeva.
  • Ref. 16.2
    "Aqqu" (White swan)
    Folk küi performed by Raushan Orazbaeva. Filmed by Saodat Ismailova.
  • Ref. 16.3
    Composed by Yqlas Dükenuly, performed by Smatai Umbetbaev. From Xavier and Saoulé Hallez, Kazakhstan: The Kobyz, The Ancient Viol of the Shamans (France: INEDIT Maison des Cultures du Monde, 2004), track 1.
  • Ref. 16.4
    "Aria" for prima-qobyz and piano accompaniment
    Composed by Akhmet Jubanov, performed by Ghaliya Moldakarimova. Courtesy of Ghaliya Moldakarimova.
  • Ref. 16.5 and 16.6
    "Qongyr" (Deep-brown) and "Qorqyt"
    Attributed to Qorqyt. "Qongyr" performed by Däulet Myqtybaev. "Qorqyt" performed by Bazarkhan Qosbasarov. Fragments from films.
    Courtesy of the archive of the Kazakhstan Republic Television and Radio Corporation.
  • Ref. 16.7
    "Oyanu" (Awakening)
    Composed and performed by Güljan Amanjol. Recorded by Bakhtiyar Amanjol.




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