Audio & Video Tracks | CHAPTER 25

Female Musicians in Uzbekistan Otin-oy, Dutarchi, and Maqomchi

  • Ref. 25.1
    "Hikmat" (Lament)
    Excerpt from the "Diwan-i Hikmat" of Hoja Ahmad Yassawi (d. 1166), performed by otin-oy Malika Asqarova (b. 1955).
  • Ref. 25.2
    "Nolish" (Groan, lament)
    From the repertory of Kamiljon Jabarov, performed by Malika Ziyoeva and her dutar ensemble: Dilfuza Yulchieva, Dilorom Turgunova, and Malika Zufarova. From Uzbekistan: Instrumental Art Music, VDE CD 974 (Geneva, Switzerland: VDE-Gallo, 1998).
  • Ref. 25.3
    "Kelmadi" (He didn't come)
    Performed by Munojat Yulchieva on a text by Alisher Navo'i. From Uzbekistan: Munodjat Yulchieva & Ensemble Shavkat Mirzaev (Frankfurt: WDR and World Network, 1997).




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