Audio & Video Tracks | CHAPTER 19

The Uyghur Muqam

  • Ref. 19.1
    Nawa muqäddimä
    Performed by Abliz Shakir.
  • Ref. 19.2
    Muqam Ensemble musicians
    Muqam Ensemble musicians perform a short suite-within-a-suite from Ozhal Muqam. Filmed at the Bath International Festival.
  • Ref. 19.3
    Chahargah Muqam mäshräp
    Performed by Abdulla Mäjnun. Recorded in London. From Borderlands: Wu Man and Master Musicians from the Silk Route, vol. 10 of Music of Central Asia (SFR, 2011), track 14.
  • Ref. 19.4
    Musicians from Mäkit
    Musicians from Mäkit play Dolan Muqam.
  • Ref. 19.5
    Mäkit mäshräp
    Mäkit mäshräp, clowning.




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